Sri Gurubhyoh Namaha

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June 4, 2015
Madurai Mani Iyer Avl ThAye YashoDA
July 9, 2015

Why Raghu sir?

Palghat RaghuGuru Pathni
  • His style of playing was the perfect blend of mahA vidwAn Palghat Mani Iyer and mahA vidwAn Palani Subramania Pillai
  • Highest level of knowledge in music and its aesthetics
  • His tuning of the instruments would be a treat to watch, and he always attained high level of perfection in the same.
  • Exquisite and the most powerful handling of the left side of the instrument
  • Spontaneity and ability to decipher any musical phrase on the spot through the perfect rhythmic pattern
  • Absolutely committed to the success of each and every concert, whoever be the main performer
  • Ability to gauge the capacity of each and every student, and teach according to his strength and weakness.
  • A thorough gentlemen both on and off the stage
  • Always appreciative of good performances and would provide constructive criticism.
  • A keen observer, and always open to good ideas and thoughts


  • 1980: The magnanimity of the great guru to attend his future students concert
  • 1981/82/83: visit to Guru’s residence for in-house training (Gurukulavaasam)
  • 1984-87: training @ NCPA Master Class conducted by Raghu sir
  • 1982 onwards, had the great fortune of sitting behind him in concerts and observing his style of playing

The greatest moment in my life was when I got to play double mridangam with Raghu sir


On stage with the guru


Recognition from the guru where he accepted to my playing in his Gurus organization.

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